Kitchen Layout Ideas for Small Space

Sometimes, when we have not large enough or small size kitchen, it makes us confused to arrange everything. Wrong placement furniture can make a room become narrower. We need efficiency in arranging this room. Some smart kitchen layout ideas are needed to avoid disaster. Here, they are:

surprising kitchen layout ideas with blue curved kitchen island with breakfast bar and light wood kitchen cabinet

1. A Tidy Kitchen in Urban Apartment

In an urban kitchen apartment, usually has a luxurious texture and accents that are capable making your beloved kitchen becomes appear taller and larger. The kitchen layout idea was designed by the famous designer Mick De Guilio for Doug Atherley Showcase at the Ritz-Carlton in Chicago. Kitchens are divided into two areas including cooking and dining areas so the kitchens look tidy. All facilities in the kitchen is packaged in a glossy finished made of materials that have an element of high art. The indoor kitchen is able to create an atmosphere of metropolitan design, with tall windows allow homeowners to see beautiful view of the city.

2. Beautiful Country Kitchen Layout

This kitchen is a country shades with a mix of blue and airy whites, creating the impression of comfort and fresh, so you like to linger in your kitchen. Cupboard in the redesign with new color appearance and has a mix of open shelf. Vintage style apron sink is reflected in blends with modern stainless steel stove, vent hood and dishwasher. Added coral accents of blue and white make your kitchen warm. This kitchen layout idea is very appropriate for a small kitchen space.

3. Dark Kitchen Cabinets

A dark cupboard with shades of brown and black make your cabinets become sleek look. a contemporary look makes this kitchen seen special. This design leave a little room table with a wenge butcher located next to the wastafel. This style makes your kitchen more exotic space though a small room.

4. Three Vintage Chairs and Useful Dining Table

The dining table with long and large sizes can accommodate a wide variety of foods. Three seats with vintage style are used as a place to hang out and relax for their children. The dining table is made of metal with a modern Windsor style, capable of being used for a place to eat every day. These cabinets provide a hidden rack which can conserve space. Kitchen style like this, suitable for families who have more than two children. I suggest you to apply this kitchen layout idea in your beloved kitchen.

5. A Checkboard Kitchen

A kitchen with black and white color scheme and floor checkerboard make the room looks spacious and comfortable. Length of the room is able to divide the boundary between the kitchen and dining areas.

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