Contemporary Living Room Ideas

A living room is an important place in your home; in there you can share your life with family or just relaxing your body. Attaches great importance from a living room then you should create a best living room. So we suggest you to apply a contemporary living room style because it is the best style nowadays in the world. For more detail we give you some of example and inspiration from contemporary living room style;

classy contemporary living room with grey sofa and square wooden coffe table

1. Perfect Placement

If you have a small living room, you should put a large and long sofa in the room, or by adding accessories such as a painting or a table of small size. The most important thing is that you must be smart to choose a color theme of your wall, usually to recreate the impression of broad and width better than choosing white color.

2. White Theme with Wicker Woven Table

A narrow sense is not seen in this contemporary living room. White color selection in your room is the right choice to give the impression of spacious and bright. Add green moss chair makes your room more fresh with natural colors. And do not forget to add a table with a design made of rattan will increase the enjoyment when relaxing with the family.

3. An Awesome Living Room with Neutral Color

That contemporary living room used neutral color that makes room will be awesome and calm. Much of cushions offer comfortable siting. And on the wall you can see so many photographs, it creates a colorful sense in your awesome living room.

4. Simple Impression

Amazing combination of color and contemporary furniture. This is the best design for your living room, you are not loss if choose that amazing design. With appropriate color choice make a simple impression but looks modern.

5. Open Room

This contemporary living room looks so tidy, clean and bright. Add long sofa will create comfortable taste when to sit. By the existence of round-shaped glass makes the living room becomes more memorable contemporary. The glass has a function besides as a decoration or a mirror able to reflecting light which creates your room brighter than before.

6. Matching Brown Theme

By the color of wood bring out warm sensation in your living room. It creates a romantic situation in your contemporary living room and by the presence of furniture makes a good combination.

7.  Diverse but Unity

Style of this contemporary living room is very attractive and gives the impression an assortment of any furniture that is in use. From the placement of super slim electric fireplace on wall which striped gray and white gives a different feel in your contemporary living room. Shelves are made of rustic wood and then a coffee table helps to soften the contemporary character. While the gold carpet able to matching with color of the wood. And furniture used to facilitate for watching a movie on television or listening to music.

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