Interesting Family Room Decorating Ideas

Work, school and other activities that we have, we often cannot spend time with family. It was hard to make an appointment to meet with family because of our busy lives. What about holidays? Does not have to always make an appointment to dine out or go out to picnic, how about the family room idea? We can decorate it in such a likely to get comfortable room and we could use to spend time with family? The possibility of your children will enjoy being at home and when you go home, you can immediately meet them in your family room.

wonderful family room ideas with modern white 3 seater sofa and armchairs

How nice it is! So, if want to decorate your family room, but still confused what to do, here are some family room ideas:

1. Open living space

This family room idea is open two frequently used rooms, kitchen and family room into one. You can combine both of this room by using the same color, and then divide it into two zones by using the furniture. This method is effective because when the parents doing activity in the kitchen and the children can enjoy their activities; doing their homework or watching television in the family room. Your family has time to spend together, right?

2. Mix the furniture

It means that if you have modern, traditional, or rustic as your home style, and you want to put something different as your family room ideas, just combine them with the furniture. This is a safe way but a little bit tricky. So, you should really choose the right option to get satisfactory results. It is placing a long vintage sofa style combined with traditional style furniture. It creates modern mood.

3. The Fusion

If you are using wooden floor and opted to buy some sofas that have various types and feet with different colors, do not forget to buy a rug as a unifier. Another option to fusion your family room is with color and pattern.

4. Abandoned room

Well, if you have abandoned basement or attic, let’s use it. Transform it into your family room. Make it the more usable, instead of leaving them with items that unused and dusty.

5. Small Space

Did not have enough space to make family room your home, do not worry. Just looking the corner or abandoned space, like under the stairs? Even it is small, it can be intimate and become beautiful. Make it more efficient. If you are not sure, you may ask the designer, they will give you some family room idea in small space.

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