Outstanding Japanese Platform Bed

There are so many simple that you can make a reference or the option to get a comfortable bed and trendy. One of the simple that you need to try is a style that originated from Japan that is Japanese platform bed. Japanese platform beds are also known as Tatami Bed, with low profile platform bed design is able to offer a perfect comfort for your sleep quality.

interesting white japanese platform bed on black polished floor completed with gray mattress and white hanging lamp

With a simple style, elegant and in harmony with nature makes the wearer anesthetized in traditional Japanese nuance. It is made from solid para wood which is sustainable hardwood. You can add tatami mats on Japanese futon mattress (Shikibuton) or a thin mattress. Make your own Japanese room style to create a perfect relaxation space through ideas and inspiration that we will give below:

1. A Simple Japanese Platform Bed Idea

The hallmarks of a traditional Japanese house is looks clean, has a neat look and has simple design but elegant. All these advantages are reflected in simple Japanese platform beds that we will explain below. These Japanese Platform Beds are designed and manufactured in Italy by giving priority to the highest quality standards and environmentally friendly, with an exclusive design that is "Bowed Slat System" in which the mattress sits a position slightly curved upwards.

With the support of these systems makes the bed will not shift, so users can rest firmly on the Japanese platform bed frame. Other benefits of the system are capable of air to circulate in the area of the bed. This type of Japanese platform bed has four support legs that able to offer a solid platform. White bed can offer the convenience of rest. Colored blankets and pillows make the bed be patterned. Selection of this Japanese platform bed idea is appropriate for those who want a nuance of a typical Japanese to be present in the area of your bedroom.

2. Simple and Comfort Japanese Platform Bed idea with Headboard

Japanese type platform bed was built with attention to the balance with nature; it is attested from wood material as a constituent material. In the construction of this bed does not present a particleboard or chipboard so that no poison bonding. He adds with a headboard on the bed allows you to rest while leaning.

Japanese platform bed idea, so incomplete if it does not added with tatami mats; usually it is placed under the mattress as a barrier between the mattress and the platform. Tatami mats are made of four layers of straw and natural grass that topped with high grade and woven carefully and gently. With the presence of tatami mats make the air from outside to seep through the mat and into the mattress, so your sleeping area to be fresh and healthy.

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