Inspiring Toddler Boy Room Ideas

As parents, we must give freedom to choose and create, but a child should be given the limits that do not lead to the less true. Children need area or room as a place of creation and activities in accordance with their interests and talents. To support all of those, parents should make a special room that appropriate with the character of a child, desire and personality of the child. 

stunning toddler room ideas with small shape using light purple color accent completed with attractive painting

Many designs and styles you can use for your child's room, in order not to be confused so we give some inspirations and brilliant ideas about how best style and design you have chosen for a beloved child. Here you go!

1. Sports Design for Toddler Boy Room

If your toddler likes to exercise, you should choose this design as the first alternative. Baseball theme is the main reference in making models of rooms like this. The ball became the main ornament on the bed. The combination between brown and white make this room more lively and sporty. It will be the best toddler boy room idea for your child that having a dream to be a sportsman.

2. Green Theme for Lovely Kids

The green color in the room has its own educational value that is a child is expected to be friendly with nature. The merger between bed area, computer area and a wardrobe become the uniqueness and excellence of this idea. Black background on the wall is made to the results of a child artwork visible so the child feel valued. The left side wall affixed the face image that will gives positive values that a child should be themselves and not overbearing.

3. Blue Navy Theme

This creative idea is themed ships and sea. The most prominent in this room is from the bed, painted metal that flanked between two walls of shelves. Not only bed but the other part was also giving the metal accents as an industrial style curtain and a rolling bookshelf. Metallic color gives the impression of masculine and modern, that is Appropriate for a boy. And a wall shelf has a function for displaying photos, trophies and memorabilia about sports. This is best toddler room idea for your children.

4. A Plane Theme in Toddler Room Idea

An amazing brown color bedroom wall is applied in this area. The theme of flight is using neutral colors as a medium to create a space which looks sophisticated. In the presence of coherent matching with toy plane give pleasure for your beloved son. Plane motif on pillow likens that his dream high as the sky which would be achieved with his plane. Versatile wardrobe as a place to store books, comics and other objects. Rabbit-shaped swing gives a joy.

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