Nice Looking Paris Themed Bedroom

Sometimes, we ever feel bored when we are staying in our bedroom. Perhaps, it can be sign that our house is old room without any renovation at all. You have to know that bedroom is becoming the private and relaxing room. It can be used for taking some rest. If we compare with others room, like living room or dining room. We can say that living room is the room for providing the guests.

simple paris themed bedrooms with eiffel wall sticker behind headboard and modern single bed

So, we have to design the living room well. But, how about bedroom? Actually, it is not public room that not all of people could come and seeing the design. Although it is not the place for providing guest or public area, we have to pay more attention to the design.

Because of the value, you should make it warm and comfortable in every condition to hold you and your couple happiness. Moreover, for those people who are in newest married couple. It is suggested to you to design the romantic themed in your bedroom. Well, if you are confused about choosing the suitable theme. Romantic Paris themed idea can help you to high the romantic impression and creating elegant bedroom.

The ideal one with Paris theme is the bedroom that has complete design and properties related to Paris. As we know that it is the most romantic city in the world. It is suitable for you to apply this theme with your bedroom well. There are many tips for you to to apply the Paris themed in your bedroom well.

First, add some accessories that are related to Paris feeling

The accessories will give strong feeling for your bedroom. For example, you could use Eiffel tower picture on the wall of your bedroom. It will bring the romantic impression. Not only that, you may give some paintings of Paris city on the wall. Moreover, you could apply the Eiffel bed with pillows and blanket also.

Second, use romantic color for your bedroom

It is a good idea for you to use pink or gold or orange as main color in your bedroom. The others choice, you could combine them well.

Third, apply the romantic lighting

Lighting is one of the items that can support of creating the different feel in every room, including bedroom. The good organizing lighting will give a good impression also. For Paris theme, it will be better if you use bright color for your lamps. It can help you to increase the romantic feeling.

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