Awesome California King Bedroom Set for Your Classy Home

Recently, there are many home designs that provide the different characters. The existence of many designs around the world sometimes makes us confuse for choosing the suitable one. If you love classy home, you have to use California king design. It is suitable for your classy bedroom. If you want the classy impression in your bedroom, this idea would be a good choice.

amazing california king bedroom set with big white bed with headboard and single vanity with soft rug

Do you know what California king bedroom is?. Well, it presents the luxurious feeling and using the king ornament. King ornament means the glamorous and unique ornaments like king in the palace. If you apply this design in your bedroom, you will get the palace atmosphere. In addition, you will get cozy bedroom by using this design. There are some steps for you to make your cozy room with California king bedroom.

First, begin with the furniture that you use

There are many furniture in the bedroom, it will be better if you only choose the important items. For example, single bed, vanity and wardrobe. The character of California king bedroom set is by using the bed with fabric bed cover and padded headboards. Not only that, the size of bed is so big. For vanity, you should choose the good main material of it. You could use teak wooden or mahogany wood.

Second, make sure the size of bedroom is very large

As we know that this design needs large area to put the big properties. You could check it first before applying this design in your bedroom.

Third, use white color as dominant color

This design uses color as main color for everything in the room. Not only for the furniture, this color can be applied to the wall and the floor of room.

Fourth, add some luxurious accessories

For creating the king atmosphere, you must add many luxurious accessories. You could use drapes, white rug, lamp desk and unique hanging lamp. For creating classy impression, you may hang the king or California picture on the wall. The others choice, you would use king size canopy bedroom. It can help you to build king feeling.

There are some properties that you must put in the California king bedroom. The most important thing is you have to be ready for spending much time to build this bedroom. Actually, it is more expensive than others design. If you do not have high budget, you have to think again before applying it.

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