Black And White Bedroom Decor Ideas

Black and white is chic, sophistic, and timeless. It is fantastic paint color for bedroom. It is a perfect classic class combination of modern or contemporary style. White color can reflects the light to the room that makes the room look larger while the black can absorb the light that make the room look smaller.

amazing black and white bedroom with modern high bed and big black fur rug

This color can help you get the effect you want, and the bonus, It can make-fresh and comfortable sensation. Okay, where we will start? Black floors, white door, frame, skirting board? Here are some tips to make your ideas of black and white bedroom become more perfect.

• Great Details

Choosing color for the room is so endless, but it is tricky, especially when it comes to black and white. Indeed, black and white colors is a great canvas to get an elegant room, but when we are not careful, it will lead to disaster.When it comes to black and white, we can bring it with great details to combine and strong contrast between one to another.

• A little touch

If you worried that your bedroom just has black and white, you can give accent. You know, having black and white bedroom is easier to make up and decor it. It is perfect canvass to get little touch from bold or soft color. It will not mess up your room. You can use both colors to steal the show just like you open up the whole world in your room. Oh wait, remember the rules, too much use colors in a room, will reduce the influence of the accent.

• A Little touch from Red

To get the attractive room, you can use red as an accent. The color red is the color that gives romance, passion, and also energetic.

• A Little touch from Yellow

Just like the sun, yellow can make the room feel warm, cheerfulness and fun.

• A Little touch from Green Lime

The colors of spring!! Green is the colors of balance and harmony. It can create the equilibrium between head and heart.

• The Ceiling

To get perfect combination, do not forget the ceiling. It can create harmony in the room. You can use wood with their colors or you can paint it with white color.

Well, usually we think to decor the ceiling with wood or white color, but now, think it differently, paint it with black color. It makes your black and white bedroom more dramatic and elegant. Add the lamp with best style to create your style. If you want to something complexion, you may use the pattern in your black and white bedroom. By doing the right combination, you will get a perfect room to sleep.

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