Apartment Living Room Ideas

Living in a small apartment can make you feel cramped because of the excessive of your stuff and furniture. Do not let it happen! You have to completely care about what should and should not do to your apartment. However it is where you live, so you should give extra attention, especially the living room. This is the first thing your guests see when playing to yours. Of course, you do not want to show chaos, right?

winning apartment living room ideas with modern brown leather sectional sofa and modern three tier coffee table

Although small apartment, you should not be discouraged to carry out the design of the furniture that you will use. Indeed, we have to look at the function of items that will we put. Even so, we should not short on ideas which we will use. We have to do a balance between the two. Some of the smart apartment living room ideas to set everything are indispensable. Starting from the living room wall color, furniture what you will use, to what accessories can support small apartment living room you can look more spacious. Well, we have several apartment living room ideas to help you organize them.
• Light Color
The first thing you have to do is go light. It can really make your apartment look spacious. You can use it in wall paint and the floor. If the apartment floors using wood or a dark color, you can cover it with a brightly colored rug. Soft colors will make the room more comfortable and bright.

• Storage

Get rid of all the clutter in storage. At least, you have to choose items that you really need and items that able to support your room. If you like to read and have a large collection of books or have a lot of photo albums, you should place it in storage. Do not let them clustered into a chaotic pile. If you really want to hang them, the right apartment living room idea is hang some of your best photos and the rest? Save them. Do not let the photograph, art, book become crowded in your table.

• Mirror… mirror

Hang the mirror. Place it in opposite side of the window in your apartment living room. It can make your room more airy because of the light from outside. The bigger mirror that you put, the more reflection will you get.

• Synchronization

Small room needs cooperation between the one with the other. First, you must synchronously between the color of the curtains and wall color. Using the same color, it will not pose broken lines so the room will seem wider. Second, to keep bind the color scheme in the room, make sure that color of the carpet in line with the main color in your living room.

• Avoid the Wall

It is better to lay the sofa not too close to the walls. Leave a gap a few inches between the back of the sofa and the wall. This apartment living room idea is done to make your room look open and not claustrophobic.

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