Tips to Decorate a Bedroom with French Country Furniture

Do you want romantic bedroom? Yes, I believe that all of occupants of home want to have romantic decoration in their bedroom, especially for new married couple. Recently, there are many romantic furniture that can bring the romantic impression. One of them is french country furniture. By using it, you could make your bedroom looks like romantic palace.

exotic french country bedroom furniture with single romantic bed and some round pillows and gold wardrobe

I think all of you have known about french country. It is the most romantic country in the world. This country has Eiffel tower that becomes the most romantic tower around the world. Because of that, this country is very famous. No wonder that many homeowners have applied french furniture for their home, especially for their private bedroom. But do you know how to decorate well?

Here's are the items should exist in french furniture.

Wall bedroom color

Before applying the items, you should choose the exotic color, you can start to use white color for your wall. You also apply this color for all of furniture that you will use. There are bed, vanity, wardrobe, bench, curtain set etc. Moreover, you also apply the gold color. It will give the romantic atmosphere. Maybe you can combine some of colors into once time. The most important thing is that you have to try the combination of colors to get a perfect feeling.


The main item that should exist in the bedroom is certainly bed. In the french furniture, you should use the big single bed with the exotic headboard. This headboard will give the comfortable effect. The others idea, you may use double bed with headboard. In addition, you could use the unique shape of bed to provide the cozy bed.

Pillows and blanket

Bed can not be separated with pillow and blanket. To make your sleep well, consider the pillow that you put on the bed. Single bed just requires two pillows. It will be better if you to minimalist pillow.

For double bed, you may use four pillows. But you have to arrange them orderly. Do not make them seems tiresome. For the blanket, choose the cozy one, then adjust it with the size of bed. Make sure that it is not too small and too large.


Rug is important thing in the bedroom. It will make your floor looks comfortable. In the french furniture, the right rug is coming from soft cotton. Then, adjust it with the color of your bed.

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