Some Preparations for Building Bedroom in a Box 

Finding the unique bedroom is one of difficulties way for every homeowner. To create the cozy bedroom, you must find the best way that is appropriate for your home design. There are many designs that growing rapidly around the world. One of them is bedroom in a box. Do you know what is bedroom in a box? How can we apply it in our home?.

amazing pink kid bedroom in a box with single small pink bed and cinderella picture on the pink wall

Actually, there are a lot of spaces in our home that are unused and empty. Sometimes, it would be the useless room and just for keeping the rubbish. If you have some creative ideas, you could maximize your unused space to be beautiful bedroom.

Bedroom in a box would be effective idea if your home is not too large. It is suitable for many people who live in the big city. It is simple and comfortable room that you must try in your home. Before renovating your bedroom box, you should consider some things that are supporting your amazing room. There are some preparations that you must pay more attention.

The structure of box room

Not all of free space in your home would be used as bedroom box. As we know that bedroom box has box concept. Its shape is like box, certainly it is square room. So, you must find the suitable box room. This is very important factor because the box bedroom would be filled with many properties such as bed, desk, vanity and wardrobe. The structure of box room foundation becomes important in this regard.


The window in this box bedroom plays the important part. It is providing the fresh air circulation and access of sunlight. You have to consider where the place of window.

The good window is when you are facing it in north and east. You could get soft sunlight. It will be better than facing it in west and south. You can get heat light in the afternoon. Then, you have to make more than one window. Many windows will make your box looks clean and fresh.

Examine the height of box bedroom

You surely make a cozy bedroom, but you must consider the height of this room. Box room certainly has not too high ceiling. So, you must predict the height of your roof with the long goods in the room. Make sure it is safety aspect.

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