Some Nice Ideas of Ikea Small Spaces

An experienced and creative man will not really think seriously the difference of having a small space and a big space. They are just the same as long as the designs are good. But, for people like us, this matter could make a headache. Small spaces are often harder to deal with for average people. That is why IKEA offers IKEA small spaces comprising of ideas of small space designing that are applicable.

classy ikea small spaces with white dining table and simple white dining chairs

In this opportunity, I will retell what IKEA explains about designing small spaces of kitchens. It can be said in a question as follow: How is to design a small kitchen?

How is to transform a small space in a kitchen into a marvelous food-processing area?

1) Always have a kitchen island

One of the ways of maximizing a small kitchen is to place a kitchen island. Well, you may be surprised. Many people may misunderstand about the presence of a kitchen island in a small kitchen space. The always think that such a piece of furniture will just make a kitchen look crowded. That is totally wrong because the compensation of having a kitchen island is much bigger than its size. You know why, a kitchen island can comply with various different tasks.

Let’s say that a kitchen island offers spaces to store things. But, it doesn’t only deal with only function of storage but also food processing and preparing function.  Besides, a kitchen island is also useful to clean dishes because a complete kitchen island has a sink and faucet.

The size of the kitchen island certainly needs to be discussed because you should find one that is not too large. In the market, there are lots of small kitchen islands that you can choose.     

2) Make use of the walls to install floating and upper cabinets

An idea about IKEA small spaces that is also suggested is installation of more floating and upper cabinets. The focused areas are surely the middle and upper sides of the walls of the kitchen. Logically, you can make the kitchen get more spacious if you are able to minimize placing cabinets on the floor. In short, make sure that the full height of the walls is not left vacant.

3) Choose corner base cabinetry

Corner cabinets would be the next idea of IKEA small spaces that are worthy of your choice. Why?  Because they save space for the only needs areas that are adjacent to the walls.

4) Oversized countertop
In addition to the cabinets is the countertop. Interestingly, you are suggested to choose an oversized countertop. You know, with a large countertop attached on the minimalist cabinets, the food-processing area will be larger?

What is your experience in dealing with a small space of a kitchen?

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