Making Formal Living Room by Applying King Hickory Sofa

Living room is becoming the cozy and comfortable room in our home. No wonder that many people want to make their living room looks elegant but it is still luxurious. This room can be used for us to provide and accept many guests and then it is suitable place to make a converse well. There are many concepts of living room. One of them is Formal living room.

casual king hickory sofa with wooden table and vase flower on top

Formal living room means the living room that designed for entertainment and conversation. Actually, you can design your living room in any concept which is accordance with your taste, such as modern, classy etc. But if you want to make different design, you could use formal design.

There are several things to consider when you make a formal living room design. One of the important things is giving an additional touch through the living room furniture such as chairs, sofa and others furniture.

From all of the furniture in the living room, one of the basic items that must be placed in there is sofa. Do you know the reason is? Well, for some people in designing of a living room is still being the important thing because living room shows the character of the owner. To be able to receive guests, the design of this living room has to be arranged in detail. For providing too many guests, sofa would be the most important thing that should be placed in the living room.

For formal living room, it is suggested to you for using king hickory sofa. This sofa has unique character. It is simple sofa but it has many parts of seat. It needs larger area of living room, so you could consider your living room size before applying this sofa. It has long shape, it is like loveseat sofa. It can be used for many people to sit there.

For small living room, you should not use this sofa because it will spend much space. The others features of this sofa are first it looks like arched sofa, second, it needs throw pillows in every corner of the sofa and the last is completed by putting tiny table in the middle of arched shape.

For applying this sofa, it will be better if you apply the soft and warmth color. It will bring elegant and formal impression. In addition, you could use carpet before putting sofa on the floor. It will make your formal living room looks more comfortable.

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