Interesting Guest Bathroom Ideas

Guest bathroom is important place for homeowner especially for guest. You must have a separate bathroom that dedicated for your preferential guest. If you have an attractive and comfortable bathroom exactly your guest will appreciate about what you give. But if you still confuse to select the appropriate design for your guest bathroom, we give you references and ideas about how exactly your guest bathroom will be:

wonderful modern guest bathroom ideas with modern black washbasin with mirro and white toilet

1. An Attractive Bathroom Storage

You can create an attractive guest bathroom by using modular pieces such as shelves and baskets as additional storage space in your bathroom. You can paint storage shelves with dark green color that will cause the natural impression. And to add a fresh sensation you can put plants or flowers beside westafle. Baskets and shelving have a function as a place to put towels or soap. You can add paintings to decorate the room.

2. Romantic Guest Bathroom

Romantic guest bathroom is the most appropriate choice for you. With a patterned wall of natural stone creates a sense of cool when showering. You can also add candles to create a romantic impression in the bathroom. Paintings or other artwork can also be added to create uniqueness.

3. Claw Pattern Floor

Guest bathroom idea was taken from a farm house in Arizona. Its main characteristic is derived from black porcelain tile floors and placed in a herringbone pattern by adding an unexpected edge. A chair with green color adds the peculiarities of guest bathroom. An antique Moroccan lanterns and storage cabinets are combined with a little patina. Surely you will be pampered with this rustic bathroom concept.

4. Rustic Wallspace

Replace or coat your walls with wood. On this guest bathroom style you will need of wood rather a lot to cover the walls. To make it look rustic style so you should look for gray that paired with brown color. Wide square-shaped glass with dark brown frame, adds impression of rustic in the guest bathroom. And to create a natural atmosphere preferably you put a vase. This allowed being one of your best guest bathroom ideas.

5. Springs-Blue Cover

This bathroom using a rustic theme by wearing brilliant colors make the room look brighter. Bathroom applies Blue Springs color make the atmosphere like at the beach. And extra tall bead board adds to the uniqueness of the bathroom. With bright red bench added. By applying this guest bathroom idea, you will feel pleasure when bathing.
6. Creative Guest Bathroom Idea

The walls in the bathroom are decorated with a variety of artwork and images. Use smoke and mirrors color to indicate the characteristics of this bathroom. This is the right choice for you who want a unique guest bathroom.

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