How to Apply Counter Height Dining Sets in Modern Minimalist Dining Room

In applying the minimalist dining set orderly, you might have some planning. To get a modern minimalist atmosphere in your dining room, you must rearrange your old composition into newest one. One of the effective ideas to appear the minimalist design is by using a counter height dining set. This setting contains the simple and minimalist feeling. It uses some simple equipment in neat position.

elegant counter height dining room sets along with unique brown table and simple chairs plus brown soft rug

In order to create the modern feeling, you could fill your dining space with many types of item. Counter height dining set contains the table, chair, vanity, storage and so on. The characteristic of this setting decoration is using a long shape and height. It looks like the table in bar or the coffee shop. Not only the table, the others item use this concept also.

If you want to build it in your tiresome dining room, you could understand what the items that must exist here are.


Table is the most important item that provides you and your family to gather and eating in a cozy way. This design uses height table and long table. Actually, it will spend much space in your dining room.

If your dining room is large enough, you could apply this table design in your modern dining room. Then, the color of the table must be considered. To create the modern minimalist atmosphere, you may use bright color, such as red, yellow, maroon, brown and so on. This table uses many types of material, such as teak wood, mahogany wood, rattan wood, ceramic and marble. The available material is teak wooden. It is flexible when you want to move it in every where.


The design of chairs that used is having long legs. It looks like bar or coffee shop seat. It would be wonderful chairs in your modern minimalist dining room. The others option is using some big seats around of the table. Suit it with the shape of table. If the shape is long square table, you could use many chairs. But you have to make sure about the height of table and chairs well.


Here, vanity is used to store and put the accessories of dining room. The vanity that used is in big and large size also.


Storage would be the important item that can keep too many utensils, such as pan, stove and others. It will be better that you apply storage linen tower. It is more effective to store the equipment.

    Plate and spoon box

To complete the perfect counter dining set, it is more interesting when you add spoon and plate box. Put it on top of counter height table. It makes you easier to eat in cozy position. Use the box or hanging place to save it well.

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