Get Satisfactory of Luxurious Residence with Trump World Tower

When we talk about the Trump World Tower, then we will talk about one of the skyscrapers being used as a shelter for those pockets super luxurious thick. Yup, the building located at 845 United Nations Plaza, First Avenue between 47th and 48th streets is located in Manhattan, New York City who cannot we miss when we are in the middle of the city that almost never slept it.

awesome trump world tower with transparant glass surface

Trump World Tower was transformed into a super luxury building with a spacious layout, large windows from ceiling to floor, and a variety of super WOW facilities that will make us gasp. Because of the beauty and elegance of the building, not surprising that the building belongs to the Trump dynasty rewarded with a prestigious award from the International Real Estate Federation as the Best Residential Project in the World in 2003.

This building has many amenities that rival the five star hotels of the world. What are the facilities offered? Well, we will find that the building was designed using a variety of high quality materials including marble imported, a variety of the best equipment that adorn every room including the bathroom, hardwood floors maple polished, countertops made of granite, until the implementation of country-style using a variety of items High-tech.

For public facilities, we will find a spa and health club personal, world-class restaurants, a swimming pool 60 feet, Megu and private wine cellar, and so on. In other words it can be said, that the Trump World Tower is a residential that will pamper owners without doubt. Construction of this building was begun in 1999 and completed in 2001. With 72 stories, we will find many impressive things in this place.

As we know, the Trump name has become one of the guarantees for excellence and luxury of the property, including residential and commercial properties. Trump understands well how to achieve excellence in various fields. And to building on this one, we will find superior quality combined with a perfect location and incredible detail.

Everything joined together and delivers an unrivaled experience for life super luxury expected by the upper class. In the luxury real estate market, Trump was able to demonstrate the advantage of being ready to compete in terms of marketing and sales. If we are someone who expects super comfy life with superior quality incredible views, it is time to ourselves to visit at Trump World Tower and feel how the sensation.

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