Excellent Small Apartment Design in 4 Ideas

Just living in a small apartment doesn’t mean a misery. What I mean is that you can still feel comfy and use the house optimally. All in all, it depends on how you design and decorate the interior. No particular regulation to design a small apartment but a quality small apartment design deals with a good interior management as well as concerns on how to make it appear and feel more spacious.

fantastic small apartment design with modern light wood credenza and ofice desk plus modern wall tv mount

Now, I will give you several small apartment design ideas experts suggest us to choose. Here you are:

1) Using curtain room dividers

For a small apartment, there are three recommended room divider models that one can choose. They are folding, hanging, and sliding room dividers. Dealing with that, there is an idea of room divider that you need to pay attention. It is a curtain hanging divider. Such an idea is one of the most popular hanging divider ideas besides plastic divider. Curtain divider is superior for it offers more drama, class, as well as beauty in the interior. Instead of using plastic or the others, this one is more interesting to apply.

2) Choosing a bed with curtain

A bed with curtain is widely known as an extraordinary model of bed that is often seen having a close relation with the houses of middle and high class people in the medieval. To be sure, such an idea is a smart choice for anyone who wants to set up a bathroom in one of the corners of an apartment with an open floor plan. It will be a cozy corner. Such an idea is also popular as a canopy bedroom.

3) Installing a sliding door from each permanently separated area

Either a permanent room divider or a temporary or movable room divider, the choice is yours. In case that you choose a permanent divider for each of the spaces, pay attention to the entrance because it deals with how to make a good small apartment design. A sliding door is an option that is too good to ignore. You know, such an idea really can save space in a small-sized apartment.

4) Choosing a trundle bed for kids

Area of bed and bedding is another crucial topic that cannot be forgotten when you are in charge of a small apartment design. Ideally, a father will make any effort in order to give a bed to each of the children. A trundle bed, with a slide-out feature of it, will be a good model of bed because when it is not used, the space for the lower bed can be emptied. 

In sum, the very principle of a good design of a small apartment is how to save space as much as possible without degrading the functionality level of the house. 

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