Attractive Paint Colors for Bedrooms

There is no rule in choosing paint colors for the bedroom, but when we do as we like, without any guidelines could lead to chaos. It is not just the attractive and aesthetic. The color you choose should represent your personality and style. Do not forget to pay attention to room temperature; it is the basic of everything. A color can affect mood and affect the temperature of the room.

fascinating paint colors for bedrooms with dark green wall and green shag rug

There are many spectrums of colors that you can choose. Each color creates its own effect. Warm color effects that create the effect of stimulating active; cool colors, such as blue-green color derived from the violet-blue or gray creating a soothing and relaxing effect. Other cool colors, such as light green and pale blue can create different vibration effects.

In addition, there is also a warm color, like yellow and soft pink that can make a bedroom feel lighter and smoother which produce a calming effect. So, what exactly have we choose to your bedroom? Like, we said, it is up to you. Choose your favorite one, but if you still confuse, we have some ideas of paint colors for bedrooms.

• Dark

If you choose dark color as your paint color for bedroom, you must be smart to play with them. Dark color can create drama effect of all colors. But, they must have their limits. Whether, it is large or small area, private or public, or wood or walls. You can start by searching among the favorite items, the hue. For example, combining gray wall with color pattern on the sheets (red flowers), supported by furniture with matching color between the bedspreads and wall color.

• Nature

The natural colors, such as pale green with a combination of floral motifs as paint color for bedroom. This gives the effect of a comfortable and quiet as we were in a beautiful garden. You can add black accents as in contrast to pastel colors.

• Safe Color

For you who like to change the layout of furniture and decoration, the safest option is to use basic color scheme. Black, white, or red will help you to get a new look freely. For example, you can use the white and black as the main color of your bedroom and for the rest, you can use red, green, yellow, or other colors as the accent.

• Shabby Chic

The classic shabby chic color scheme is white, just white walls without any pattern. It like the basic color scheme makes us easy to decorate the bedroom. Just like the blank canvas, you can mix it with furniture and accessories with pallet colors, such as light gray, cream, yellow, mint, or pink. Moreover, this paint color for the bedroom can be combined with a variety of styles, from traditional, beach, cottage, vintage, to contemporary. It makes your bedroom becomes more soft, feminine, and antique.

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