Apply Glass Top Dining Tables for Modern Dining Room

There are many dining room design that growing more popular than others design. As we know that dining room is the place where we could gather and have some delicious food and drink. Too many designs of dining room would make you confuse in choosing the suitable one. One of the interesting decorations is modern design. It has a simple and luxurious concept.

unique glass top dining room tables with wooden chairs completed by candle place and fruit on top

Well, when you apply your home with modern design it means that all of room in your home must be designed with modern design also, including dining room. It will be awkward when you apply different design in the single home. The modern dining room would be created by giving some modern touches. These touches contain the furniture that used, the wall and the floor condition. Three basic components here is mixed in once time and finally will appear the modern atmosphere.

In selecting the furniture for your dining room is not simple activity. Actually, you must need some references about it in detail. To get a perfect modern feeling, you have to think in detail. Furniture is the important factor that makes a cozy room. One of the basic items that must exist in every dining room design is table. Table is becoming the item that is playing the important role in creating different impression.

There are many items that can be applied in modern style. One of the good choices is glass top dining table. It would be the right way for welcoming the modern side. There are some tips for you in using glass top dining table.

    First, measure the quality of glass

This table uses glass as a main component of table. In order to get a perfect table, it will be better if you measure the quality of glass that will use first.

There are many types of glass, so you have to choose which one the qualified glass. They are frosted glass and tempered glass. These glasses will give the different function based on the quality of each glass.

It is suggested to you to use tempered glass. It is good glass if you use it in a long time. The frosted glass will give the dark color on the table.

    Second, choose the wooden framework

Actually, this table just uses a glass for top of table, but the framework is using wood as the material. In the others word, you will combine two materials in once time.

Then, like a glass, you must choose the qualified wood. They are teak wood, mahogany wood, rattan wood and oak wood. The suitable one is teak wood. This wood is suitable when mixed with glass.

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