5 Great Vintage Bedroom Ideas

Vintage is my style of bedroom today. What is yours? I like vintage or retro for some reasons. Now, let me explain them. One of the reasons that make me love this style is that it looks always charming. It is important to have a charming bedroom because you will want to stay forever in there. The second reason is that to apply such a style is never costly. Thus, I don’t have to break a bank just to have a vintage bedroom.

attractive vintage bedroom ideas with fancy white drawer also cube mirror and beautiful chandelier

Then, what are the best vintage bedroom ideas? Certainly vintage style consists of sheets of ideas. But, what you need to always remember is that you know which a good idea is and which not a good idea is.

Here I tell you several great vintage bedroom ideas.

1. Classic interior coloring

A vintage bedroom doesn’t need any most recent trend of interior coloring. Instead, the color scheme of the room needs to appear classic. To comply with this, what you need to focus first are the whole walls, ceiling, and floor. After that, bring in furnishings that suit the coloring scheme.

2. Delicate accessorizing

Accessories in a vintage bedroom become crucial once the interior is ready to be given the final touch. As for the proper accessories, choose ones that look delicate. Never choose any sharp-colored ones because they will ruin the scenery. The delicacy is needed in the room to make it look more oldies as well as unique.

3. Adding hand-made accessories

Not enough with buying delicate accessories, any hand-made one would be also good to choose. Why? It is because your vintage bedroom doesn’t actually needs the newest most sophisticated things. You know, there was no latest technology like what we can see today. Besides, it deals the decorating principle of a vintage bedroom, saying that a good vintage bedroom will look like an inheritance.

4. Painting pieces some saturated color

A vintage style is always identical to saturated colors. That is why painting the pieces of furniture some saturated color becomes one of the greatest vintage bedroom ideas as well. 

5. Adding an autonomously made focal point

In addition to the coloring idea of the pieces of furniture, adding a autonomously-made focal point is also one of the great vintage bedroom ideas. This is unique because usually we are recommended to just rely on a pro or buy something that can be the focal point of a bedroom. A vintage bedroom will be perfect if completed with a simple, modest, but original focal point. Applying a soft paint color combination on the surface of a nightstand is an example of the idea. 

Do you like vintage?

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