5 Cute Dorm Room Ideas for Your Girls

A dormitory usually has some standard patterns of interior design that are nearly all the same in any dormitory. But, it is totally okay if a dorm room is designed differently, especially in girls dormitory so that it can look cute. Do you know that cute dorm room ideas are famous today?

cute dorm room ideas with blue single beds on wood floor and white fur rug

Making a dorm room look cute cannot be seen as an effort to break the rules. Instead, it is to show that a cute room is better than the ordinary one.

The followings are several cute dorm room ideas worth your inspirations.

1. Polka dot area rug for a girl dorm room

A large area rug is significant enough to change an ordinary. Similar to Dalmatian idea of interior décor, this idea is cute in its own way so that there is no way to say it not perfect for girls. With this idea of dorm room, a room will not look too girly but still show the sexy view that will suit any girls.

2. Track lighting from corner to corner

Another cute idea of a dorm room is a room with a set of track lighting that is installed in at the edges of the ceiling. Certainly, the lamps are connected to each other from corner to corner. When the switch is on, you will see the room becoming beautifully decorated. It surely looks cute. 

3. A cute ironing board as a focal point

Sometimes, a focal point is enough to make a dorm room look cute. Placing a cute ironing board is the example. Surely, the ironing board has to look cute if you expect to have a cute dorm room after the placement of the board. How is to make the board look cute. Just paint it pink and white. That mixture will results in a fancy cute board all girls will love.

4. Body pillows for floor seating

Remove all of the chairs in the dorm room is you want to try this idea: using some body pillows to for seating replacing the function of the chairs that you have removed. You know, this idea seems similar to the seating concept in Japanese culture. 

Using body pillows for floor seating will make you forget quickly about having chairs. This is surely one of the most unique and cute dorm room ideas you have ever seen.

5. Above-headboard writings

For teenagers who live at a dorm, expressing feelings is a nice idea to keep in a good mood. Why don’t you make use of the walls to do that? What you need is just prepare some papers in various colors and then make some letters using them. After that, combine them to make some words. Such words are what you will attach on to the wall above the headboard.

Which one has attracted your attention?

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