Simple Tips To Make Your Old Surfboard Coffee Table Looks New

Sometimes, you need remodeling of your old furniture to be new one. It is needed to change the atmosphere of the interior design. When you feel the changing of the atmosphere of your favorite room. Do not be confused!. You are not necessary to throw your old furniture because it would wasteful. You could use it again with the new design. One of the furniture that you can remodel is your old surfboard coffee table.

a white marble surfboard coffee table with the vase of white flower on top in the nice living room

Actually, surfboard coffee table is one of the classic design which is suitable if you put it in the indoor or outdoor. It has a surfboard shape with the material teak wood. Teak wood is one of the types wood. It has some characteristic. One of them is this wood could be worn out easily.

However, you do not feel doubt when you use it in your room. Here are some easy tips that you can do to make your old surfboard coffee table looks new again:

First, consider the color of the surfboard coffee table. When you have a new desire for your table, it can be better if you replace its color. Color is playing the important role in changing the different feel.

You may replace it to be bright color. You may use red, yellow or pink. Teak wood is the material that is easy for you to paint. But you have to consider the color of the room that the table will be put. If you will put it in the outdoor, it means that you are not necessary for considering the color of your room. It is easier to choose the best color that you want.

Second is using the new runner. The using of runner will make your surfboard coffee table looks fresh again. You may choose the long runner for your table. It suits with the shape of its feature. You could think to try the soft runner, because it will be balanced with your table.

Third is putting the beautiful items on top of table. It is simple way to make your old table looks new again. You could use your old items to be putting on the table. For example, you may place the bucket of flower and the nice candle on it. It adds some romantic feel.

That's the simple way for you to make your old item to be new again.

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