Nice Tips to Make Comfortable Etagere Bathroom

You may believe that the cleaning of bathroom is symbolizing the cleaning of home. Is it right?. Some people perhaps believe that stereotype. But, not all of people agree with this statement. Actually, bathroom is the most important area in the home. We can spend much time in this room.

the combination of white and blue etagere bathroom with sink and white cupboard

No wonder that every people want to get comfortable and clean bathroom. Nowadays, there are many interior designs of bathroom. One of them is combining the minimalist design with modern design. Combination of both design will make natural impression in bathroom.

If you want natural atmosphere within your modern minimalist bathroom, you should use etagere bathroom. This design is using simple shape and using white color as a main color. This color will give the natural impression. Not only that, the applying of white color, your bathroom will look clean and healthy. Here are some tips to you for making comfortable etagere bathroom.

First, using natural styled furniture

To present a modern natural and comfortable bathroom, you should choose furniture natural design. For instance, maybe you can use wood material as a main component of furniture. You may choose wood sinks and other properties that you use when take a bath. It will give comfortable impression for your bathroom.

Second, applying the natural floor

In order to obtain comfortable etagere bathroom, you should apply the suitable floor. You should consider the wood flooring in this room. Though, it needs a lot of money, this way is perfect idea to present comfortable etagere for the bathroom in your lovely home.

If you do not have a lot of money for buying this material, do not be panic. There is an alternative way to present wood floor. You could use laminate floor. It does not matter that you use this way. Laminate floor is cheaper than wood floor. But, it still presents comfortable bathroom.

Third, using dark color for wall

For your wall color, it will be better if you use dark color. This color will give calm impression of your room. Perhaps, if you like others color. You may combine them well.

The last, trying to add indoor plants.

It is the best choice for you if you want fresh bathroom. This indoor plant will give more oxygen for your room. It is very helpful for you to transform the air. But you have to consider what kind of plants that will be placed in the bathroom. For instance, do not use cactus for indoor plant. Yous should try rose flower, jasmine or wall plants.

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