Make Your Home Looks Modern with Travertine Coffee Table

Most of the people assumed that modern house is just waste much money. They think that for making modern home, means changing all of design interior and exterior. Actually, to make modern home, we just need some creativities and great effort. If we do not have enough money to buy the modern properties, we could use the coffee table for making our home looks modern.

two levels of bright ceramic travertine coffee table with the nice items on top

Then, what is coffee table which is making our home looks modern? Right, the answer is Travertine coffee table. This coffee table presents a comfortable and simple impression. There are indeed not many elements for making it, yet the home is simply comfortable to live in.

This table uses glass, marble and wood as the main component. Three main components here are easy to find and simple component. Right?

First, glass. There are many types of glass that you can be used. But not all the types are cheap, some types need a lot of money. For instance, if you have high financial perhaps you may use tempered glass. This component will bring natural impression in your home.

It has high quality in making coffee table. But if you have low financial, it does not matter. You can use another one. For instance, you may use frosted glass. This glass is bringing the dark color, so it will give the peaceful impression for your home. Do not worry about the color of this glass, it will not make your home looks mysterious.

Second, marble. Marble is one of the expensive components. Not all people use it for their coffee table. They would prefer it to build the floor in their room than for making coffee table. Actually, the use of marble is not just for the coffee table. Usually, many people use it as a main component of their floor. But it will be fine if you try it in your coffee table.

However you need high cost, when this table is already built, you will be satisfied and everything is paid off. Your dream modern house will provide you all of the convenience a house.

Third, wood. This last component is the cheapest one. You may choose one of wood types. There are many variations that you can use. There are teak wood, rattan wood and mahogany wood. These components in the Travertine coffee table will bring the modern feeling in your home.

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