Interesting Teak Bathroom Vanity - Tips to Make Natural Atmosphere

Natural bathroom is the best choices for those people who want to feel the environmental friendly in their room. This design presents the natural atmosphere and gives the different sensation. If you are one of the people who adore this design, it means that you are mastering how to create the natural impression for your bathroom. But if you have understood about it, perhaps you do not know there is a different way to make it happen.

light wood teak bathroom vanity with granite countertops and double wall mounted mirrors

I believe that you will not suppose which using the teak vanity for your bathroom can make your lovely bathroom looks more natural. Usually, you just use some natural accessories to give the natural impression. But you have to try to add teak vanity in your bathroom.

Actually, teak wood is one of the variances woods that give the natural feeling for the room. But you have to consider how to adjust this teak wood with the vanity that you want. Vanity is designed for people who want to make up. If it is made of teak wood, it will bring strong comfort and closed to nature.

There are some tips for you to create natural bathroom by using teak vanity:

1. Furniture selection

The furniture selection means that some equipment that you will put on the tops of vanity. To make your teak vanity looks more natural, you need some furniture. The furniture of this vanity is not too complicated. It is suggested to you to select the simplest things. Make sure that all of elements on it are coming from wood or stone. It will be great if they are formed by them.

It is more natural than using marble, porcelain or ceramic. Moreover, consider the shape also, it will be better if you use the simple shape and not too many ornaments on it.

2. Color selection

It becomes the important factors that support the natural impression. In creating natural bathroom, you may use some paint color at once. You could paint your teak wood with the combination colors. But, before you apply this combination, you have to pay more attention to them. To provide the natural impression, you may combine white and green or white and blue. It is quite interesting. Right?

3. Apply the indoor vanity plants

To give the strong impression of nature, you could try some experiments. One of them is by adding the indoor plants. These plants will make your room look fresh and natural. This plant will bring the fresh air for your room. It will be good for you.

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