How to Modify Your Coffee Table Runner in Modern Kitchen

Modifying something means changing the feature or appearance. Sometimes, we feel bored with our properties in our home, especially in our kitchen. It is the place that we providing all of the need family members. In this room, there are many utensils for cooking. We often have a difficulty in order to neat these utensils.

a long white coffee table runner on square wooden table with floral pattern in the middle

Sometimes, some people do not how to arrange it well and how to modify these items. Here are some strategies that you can do for modifying your properties. One of the properties in your kitchen which easy to modify is coffee table runner.

Coffee table runner is simple items in the kitchen which are giving the different feel in the kitchen. The runner is one of the items that we can change every time we want, It can be formed by wool, silk and flannel. We could put it on top of coffee table.

The function of using runner is to beauty of coffee table. Then it can avoid some rubbish from coffee glass. To modify this runner, we do not need much money, we just need creativity. We do not necessary to buy new runner, we can recycle the cloth to be the nice runner. First is finding the old clothes and cut it into two parts. Then sewing the side of them along with deciding the shape of this cloth.

Give some decorations to make it more pretty. Next, you have to wash it before you apply it. Finally, you get a new runner with low cost. It is simple and cheap enough. But you have to consider the color of the runner that you apply. It should be better if you choose the bright color. It will give a good atmosphere.

The others way to modify your table runner is replacing the newest furniture on top of table. Yo may put the exotic items. For example, you may choose the candle and the vase of beautiful flower. The applying this beautiful flower is you can feel the peaceful when you start cooking. Sometimes, doing cooking is very bored activity and waste the spare time. But, if you use the flower in this room, you can solve your bad feeling.

The next way for modifying your coffee table runner is clean up and painting it with new color. It does not only use the bright color for the runner, but also you have to consider the color of your table. So you can balance it with the runner. I suggest you to paint the calm color for your table. It is contrast with the runner's color. If you use the calm color for your table, it means that you have to apply the bright color for your runner.

In the others side if you apply the calm color of your runner, it means that you should apply the bright color for your table. Make it balance and beautiful coffee table.

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