Five Excellent Tips about Studio Apartment Design

A studio apartment is known for it has a very small interior. This type of apartment is also known as the best choice for someone who wants to have an affordable living quarter. Unmistakably, having such a type of apartment leaves some problems to the owner. It is especially some problems related the studio apartment design. It is clear that a studio apartment with all features it has makes it more complicated to design the interior than if we just design a bigger-sized apartment.

astonishing studio apartment design with open tier shelves and wall credenza

We are now here to give you several tips on how to design a studio apartment. The tips will deal with some necessary components of the apartment. Here are the tips.

Small-scaled furniture for the living space

Scale must be dealt with seriously when it comes to a studio apartment design. It is primarily about the sizes and proportions of the furniture pieces in the living space. To be sure, the pieces of furniture should be as big as what you often see in the living room of a larger apartment. The very purpose is to prevent making the living space look very crowded.

Bright open kitchen

While the living room needs small furniture items, the kitchen needs a proper design that will keep it appear larger that it really is. The one and only good idea is a bright, open kitchen. The concept of this kitchen model is to design a kitchen that is well-illuminated and looking light. As we all know, the impact of such a kitchen type is obvious: a bright and open kitchen will always look larger.

Undermount sink

More specifically in the kitchen, the sink also needs to get attention. Why? It is because the appearance of a sink has a say in the change of look of the interior. My tip for you about it is to choose an undermount sink. Why should be this sink type? An undermount sink will be almost invisible. Besides, it matches with the concept of a compact kitchen since the entire parts of the sink are ‘buried’ within the kitchen cabinets. The best of the best model of sink is a small-undermount sink.

Wall organizers

Going on the talk of organizers, wall organizers for a studio apartment are necessary in order to comply with an appropriate studio apartment design. Focusing on wall organizers also mean that you know well about how to set up efficient storage in a studio apartment.

Shower-only bathroom

One last thing about studio apartment design is the idea of the bathroom. For a studio apartment, it is better to forget about a tub and choose to rely on a shower due to the limitedness of space.

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