Bathroom Linen Tower - Make Your Bathroom Feel Orderly

Bathroom linen tower is currently becoming popular in home interior design, whether it has two functions. There are beauty function and then usefulness function. Do you know what is the meaning of beauty function?

Well, it means that it could create the beautiful feel. It also makes your bathroom looks like bathroom in the hotel. It is quite pretty. It has some strengths. First, its shape is elegant. Automatically, it will give an elegant feeling for your bathroom. It has long shape and has some parts. Every part has every function.

an inspiring small bathroom linen tower with many items in it and marble wall and floor

Usually, top of linen tower is used to store the towels. The next part is used to place shampoo and soap. Then, the bottom part is used to store the cleaning product. This composition is arranged based on the functions and usage frequency. Not only that, because of this position, this linen tower will be one of the furniture that looks neat and good looking.

Then, if we choose the bright color for it, we can get a cheerful atmosphere. You could paint it with different color for every part. It will look nice and like a rainbow. Not only for saving the take bath utensils, we could put some vase flowers on it. Its purpose it to make different feel in the bathroom. If you like doll, you may put on top of it. The others idea, you could add some romantic candles on top of tower. It will give romantic feeling.

The second function is usefulness function. It means that this linen tower has function aspect. It is sure that this towel is one of the important things in the bathroom. It is central thing, you could put all of the utensils in it. As I explain before that it makes your bathroom look orderly. Too much of utensils in the bathroom will give negative impression. It makes your large bathroom be crowded and narrow room. By using this tower, you could reduce the possibility to be crowded room.

The other function is, by using it in the corner of your bathroom. You could maximize the empty space in your narrow room. If you use usual table to put your utensils, it spends large area. But if you use this tower, you just need narrow space. It is simple and elegant furniture. Do you agree about that?

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