3 Main Preparations to Design Your Natural Bathroom with Bamboo Vanity

Natural design is presenting the cozy environment. Actually, cozy room is adored by all of the people who live in their lovely home. No wonder that many people apply natural design for their home, especially in a bathroom. Almost of people assume that bathroom decoration always shows the characters of owner. Sometimes, it will be correct statement but it can be wrong statement if you do not decorate your bathroom exactly.

amazing wall mounted bamboo bathroom vanity with unique washbasin and modern watertap plus flower vase

To make your bathroom looks more natural. You may think harder than before. You need some creative ideas for realizing your hope. If we talk about bathroom renovation, automatically we talk about budget. Yes, budget and renovation design is related each others strongly. When you have some new natural decorations, it means that you have to need the budget. But, if you do not have enough budget then what should you do?

Do not be panic and confused, there is always solution to every problem. To create the natural atmosphere in your bathroom, you can maximize the unused material that is quite cheap. You could use bamboo as main substance for making accessories in your bathroom. Actually, you need some accessories that will bring the natural impression. One of them is vanity.

You could use bamboo as main component to build the vanity. This bamboo vanity will bring the nature feeling in your room. Moreover, it does not spend a lot of money. So, it is very suitable for your economic condition. Well, to make bamboo vanity, you have to consider about 3 preparations below:

First, do not forget to prepare the good quality of bamboo.

Actually, there are many types of bamboo. You should choose the best quality as main material for your vanity. It is suggested to you to choose teak wood. Teak wood is suitable wood for your vanity. It is not easy to be porous. Remember that wood will be porous as son as possible. So, to avoid this problem, you should use teak wood to decrease the porous possibility.

Second, you should prepare the design.

Not only choose the best material, but also you must prepare the design or shape that will bring the natural atmosphere. You may try from simple shape until the complex shape. For instance, you can decorate your vanity in the simple shape. The simple shape is still original, so it brings the natural feeling. But, if you have great idea, you may have some experiments for your vanity.

Third, beauty your bamboo vanity with green plants vase.

To give the strong natural impression in your bathroom, you should add some green plant on top of vanity. It will help us about air circulation. Actually, these plants will give air fresh for us. It will make us to be healthy. So, you can get some advantages by using bamboo for your vanity.

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