Stunning Living Room with Awesome Fireplace Decoration

With a bit of fancy and clever design, fireplaces are transformed into efforts of art. Their functionality is retained, but their innovative new form means, they are also an integral part of the architecture of your home. Is there anything better on snowy night than imminent home to a cozy, burning timber fireplace? But who has the time these days to chop wood, lug it inside a light real fire? And there is the environmental damage wood fires cause in already‐congested city areas. The answer, of course, is to go with gas or electricity for all the ambiance and style of a fireplace with none of of the accompanying hard work and it is ready when you are. Perfect!

The placement of furniture was very important to allow everyone to to take in the view. Mirror panels were also fixed to one whole wall in order to reflect the waterfront view‐thereby creating an ever changing, living artwork. Still used a neutral base for colors with cream walls, taupe floor tiles and a large modular lounge in hard wearing chocolate cord upholstery‐this allowed us to feature the wall with a teal blue color that describes the water view.

The audio-visual equipment is contained in a low, white polyurethane cupboard suspended off the wall, and wood veneer paneling allowed us to showcase the fireplace. Scatter cushions and accessories in teal blue tie the room together, with a crystal and white chandelier as the finishing touch.

Always start with a neutral base and work up your finishes from there. Select a good quality, hard wearing lounge, especially in a room that gets used by the whole family. Choose one area to make as feature‐in this case, it was the wall backing the fireplace.

This is a phenomenal family room, as well as a big area for entertaining. The large King Furniture modular lounge is ideal for relaxing and watching the boats on the bay in the warm months, while the fireplace is wonderful to snuggle in front of during the cooler elements.

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